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Your Questions Answered

Answers to commonly asked questions about EarthShare.

Easy! Just enter your ZIP code and search for suppliers on our map. We have suppliers throughout the U.S. and are adding more every day.

At EarthShare, it’s free to browse supplies and find the best fit near you. When you’re ready to contact a supplier, sign up for a monthly or annual membership, and you get access to contact info for all suppliers for the duration of your membership.

Never! At EarthShare, everything is included with your membership. Every member gets full access to the Supplier Map with contact details for the duration of their membership. When you make a connection with another member, the two of you are free to arrange your own payment terms, and we stay out of your way.

You pay your supplier directly! At EarthShare, we don’t charge any transaction fees or handle any of the payments, so you get to handle that directly with your supplier. You and your supplier may agree to whichever payment terms work the best for each of you.

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